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The Quality Difference:

Build Life-Changing Homes

Quality Development is not your average construction company. We are a Black Woman-Owned and Operated Firm with a focus on Sustainable Design and Building. We've been Developing and Renovating some of Seattle's most exciting new Developments while pushing the boundaries of innovation in construction techniques, materials, and green practices. Our mission is to build more than just homes, we aim to create communities where families can thrive for generations.

New Construction Development:

Building life-changing homes is what Quality Development specializes in. We are excited to bring a fresh perspective to the Seattle construction industry by developing innovative practices that focus on sustainable design principles and incorporating green living practices.

Major Remodel Projects:

We can take on various projects, from large-scale remodels that include complete gutting and rebuilding an entire space with modern amenities to more minor updates such as new cabinetry or tile installation. Whatever your project may be, we take the time to understand what you want and need so that it meets all your expectations.

Demolish Site Projects:

We can take on any of your demolition and site prep needs, including removing all debris. Whether it is a construction site or just an old empty lot that you want to clear out for other projects, we are the team for the job. We can deconstruct entire properties to make way for new development or remove just the outside walls and take down a single structure.

ADA Compliant Projects

Quality Development is committed to designing and building accessible homes to support our clients with disabilities. We are experts in following the latest guidelines and creating spaces that can be accessed by all. Whether it's installing new ramps, doorways, or staircases to make your building fully accessible for wheelchairs or remodeling existing bathrooms to comply with regulations, we will work with you to ensure your project is both beautiful and fully functional.

Investment and Development

For real estate investment companies or investment property developers, Quality Development is the perfect partner for your investment and development needs. We specialize in creating new developments that will stand out from other properties in the area, with our latest innovations being showcased to help attract attention and future tenants. We have experience purchasing land or property, developing it into an attractive residential project, and then marketing it strategically to bring you a high return on your investment.


New construction



From inception to completion, our team of seasoned construction professionals are involved every step of the way: pre-construction planning, obtaining entitlements, budget development and execution, scheduling, contract procurement, and close-out.  Using unique methods of extracting value while simultaneously providing the highest standards of quality are the hallmarks of our construction team’s process.


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“I needed some demo work on one of my sites with a fast turnaround time. I found Quality Development online, gave them a call and they were out the next day. They were quick, reliable and very professional."


“Quality development helped me bring my vision to life for my guest bathroom renovation. Kay and her team layed out the reno process and completed the project on time. I will definitely use them again in the future."


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