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Who We Are

Who We Are

Quality Development was founded in 2018 to bring a new perspective to the Seattle construction industry. It is a construction company specializing in new home development, site demolition, and major remodeling projects.


Since our company's inception in 2018, Quality Development has been committed to excellence. Our portfolio has been rapidly growing to include several new construction and major remodeling projects in the greater Seattle area. For that, we appreciate the support we've received from the community and aim to continue delivering the same commitment to excellence that we've been known for.


We know that building the perfect home requires more than just building great structures. It's also about connecting with people on a personal level to create homes where families can thrive. That's why we believe it's essential to focus on quality design and craftsmanship during every stage of our process so you can always be proud of your home for years to come.


We are proud to be a black woman-owned business with a diverse team, including architects, designers, project managers, and construction workers with decades of experience.


We're committed to excellence in every phase of our projects. We pay attention to detail and know how important it is to provide every customer with a personal experience that they can enjoy for years

Our Mission

We strive to build homes worthy of the people who live in them, with care and attention.


We want every single family we work with to feel as if they are cared for and valued.


We will be honest with you about the realities of our industry so that we can work together to make a home that does exactly what it's supposed to do: provide the foundation for your family.

Our Priority

Our number one priority is to create homes that are not just desirable but also sustainable.


We believe in being socially responsible and investing in the future of Seattle through affordable housing and providing a safe place for people to live.

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