Who We Are

Quality Development LLC was founded in 2018 by a woman driven to succeed & make her mark on this male driven industry. As a child, Kavina's father would share insight on Real Estate and it's financial advantages which encouraged her to later pursue a career in the industry. Kavina started QD LLC after years of on the job learning and experience that the many tasks & challenges of developing land, building & contracting consists of. 

She then went on to become a licensed contractor with the intent to ease the way of the client and the community throughout various Real Estate processes. Her goal is to make sure clients are educated with knowledge and understanding throughout the process. Kavina brings her experience in Project Management, Interior Design and New Construction Development. 

She built her 1st subdivision, a 6 house single family development with the assistance of her father as funding manager. Building affordable housing opportunities for first time home buyers & young professionals was a huge achievement considering her short tenure in the industry. Kavina was eager to roll up her sleeves and jump in and that's just what she did. From her determination and eagerness, Quality Development was created. 


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